G&L Unveils New 2012 Special Collection

Posted Jun 13, 2012 at 8:00pm

Fullerton, CA (June 14, 2012) – The combination of natural beauty and sonic excellence come together in G&L’s 2012 Special Collection. These instruments allow both the resonance of the wood and texture of the grain to be at a player’s fingertips through the development of new finishing techniques at G&L.

G&L’s new 2012 Special Collection spans six of G&L’s most popular models: the ASAT Classic “S”, Legacy, S-500, JB, M-2000 and M-2500 Basses. All six instruments feature 2 piece swamp ash bodies, maple necks with rosewood fingerboards, NOS Baltic Amber pickguards (where applicable) and introduces G&L’s newly-developed Nearly Naked™, Honey Ale ultra-thin finish. The G&L 2012 Special Collection is proudly made in the USA at G&L’s factory on Fender Ave. in Fullerton, California.

2012 Special Collection highlights include:
• Premium 2 piece swamp ash bodies
• Eastern maple necks with rosewood fingerboards
• PLEK fret dressing on all G&L Instruments including the 2012 Special Collection
• N.O.S. Baltic Amber pickguards (except for M Series Basses)
• G&L’s Exclusive Nearly Naked™ Honey Ale ultra-thin finish

The 2012 Special Collection instruments are a visually striking addition to the G&L family, while offering the tonal enhancement of this ultra-thin finish. The G&L 2012 Special Collection will begin shipping in June 2012 and carries the following MSRP pricing: ASAT Classic “S” $1,900, Legacy $1,550, S-500 $1,650, M-2000 Bass $1,900, JB $1,850 and M-2500 Bass $2,050.

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