Dean Unveils the DA15 and DA30 Acoustic Amps

Posted Apr 4, 2000 at 12:00am
Think that Dean guitars make great acoustic guitars? Check out the new Dean acoustic amps; the DA15 and DA30.

The DA30 has four 5" speakers that are housed in a classic looking enclosure that will definitely turn heads. Powered by 30 watts and a control section that includes a master level, bass, mid, treble and a smooth sounding reverb. A microphone XLR input and separate level control makes this acoustic amp a must for any musician. The DA15 is the little brother of the DA30 with two 5" speakers, a smaller enclosure and 15 watts of power.

The new acoustic amps from Dean Musical Instruments feature attractive, contemporary styling as well as a wide array of controls that allow the player to achieve just the sound they desire at unheard of prices!

For more information, visit the Dean website at

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