Crate Announces Foot Controller for DX Digital Amp Series

Posted Feb 21, 2000 at 12:00am
Crate has introduced the DXFC, a full-featured foot controller for the highly successful DX Digital Amplifier Series. The DXFC will expand the functionality of the DX amplifiers to include 128-pre-sets and control variable parameters. It only requires one cable (receiving power directly from the amp) and contains a provision for an expression pedal.
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"The DXFC has been designed to give the DX Digital Amp user total control of the amp. Players can now fully interact with the DX series, setting and governing levels and effects while playing," commented Pat Stevenson, Crate Product Manager. Using the DXFC, players can select up to 128 of their favorite pre-sets, scrolling in banks of five. DXFC users can also set effect speed using the designated TAP button. With the addition of a separate expression pedal players can adjust gain, level, effect adjust, reverb level and reverb depth, all in real time. When set on the Auto-Wah DSP effects setting, the expression pedal can be utilized like a real wah-petal, with fully adjustable parameters.

Crate product manager Patrick Stevenson continued, "With the largest array of products offering digital technology to a wide cross-section of players we are promoting Crate as The Digital Source for 2000 and beyond."

The Crate DXFC is made in the U.S.A and carries a five year transferable warranty on electronics.

For more information, visit the Crate website at

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