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The guitar I used is an "American" Strat with a Roland synth pickup. The amp is a Roland VGA-7. The rhythm tracks (drums and other percussion) are Acid loops (Sonic Foun...(more)
Metal · 3921 Hits
I was hanging out on the Seymour Duncan website and reading through their forum when I got the idea to whip up a little MP3 example of what my main guitar sounds like w...(more)
Metal · 4136 Hits
This is an accompaniment to <a href="/cgi-bin/page_view.pl?l=3245">WholeNote Lesson #3245 - "A Li'l Jazz Blues"</a>. The name of the song is therefore "A Li'l Jazz Blues"...(more)
Jazz · 4939 Hits
4. A Slide Blues In E by Inactive Member
I was just goofing around with a slide guitar in Open E tuning and recorded a quick 12 bar. The sound quality isn't great and the guitar is slightly out of tune but I ha...(more)
Blues · 189 Hits
This song began life as a one measure drum/bass/keyboard loop that I created while beginning to learn a software program called "Reason". Reason is a virtual midi studio ...(more)
Electronica · 6017 Hits
A moody and intense instrumental piece. <br/><br/> I wrote and recorded this last summer (2001), when I was undecided about some things in my life. As a result, this tune...(more)
Rock/Pop · 3615 Hits
This is my old band THE REMNANTS take on a Count Bassie classic ALL RIGHT OKAY. This was recorded live at the Staten Island Hilton on my birthday 2 years ago.
Blues · 101 Hits
I recorded this one by going direct into my pc using M-Audio FastTrack interface. The software is Mixcraft 6, which I highly recommend. This is a beautiful hymn that I ar...(more)
Christian · 93 Hits
Not really easy to play it clean. Listen to Doyle Dykes or Tommy Emmanuel playing it.
Country · 35 Hits
This is a very old traditional folk song, "Banks of the Ohio". It was the first arrangement that I made from scratch, as I did not have any tablature for it. <br/><br/> T...(more)
Acoustic/Folk · 3927 Hits
Played in E (C, capo 4th fret)
Bluegrass · 97 Hits
For the lesson.
Jazz · 163 Hits
13. Bill Bailey by Inactive Member
This is an arrangement I did of a traditional tune, Bill Bailey. It's played in standard tuning. The tune was played without overdubs and it's a first take. I always use ...(more)
Acoustic/Folk · 4159 Hits
Blast from the past, from an impromptu jam at a friends July 4th party, 2008. My blues tune "Bled Dry" about trouble with a woman....what else could it be? Heavy "Memph...(more)
Blues · 98 Hits
Recorded a long time ago (1998)
Acoustic/Folk · 92 Hits
This is a fingerstyle blues based on an accompaniment played by the Texas bluesman/songster Mance Lipscomb. I'm pretty sure this is based on an arrangement by Ernie Hawki...(more)
Blues · 50 Hits
Cover of Brad Paisley's classic solo.
Country · 47 Hits
For Bucket, I use a standard tuning on my 12 string, while Dylan, the other guitar player, uses a drop-D tuning on his six string. The song is in the key of D, and Dylan ...(more)
Metal · 4078 Hits
This is a very short piece I submitted amongst several others to a TV show that was looking for a theme and incidental music. It's an acoustic slide thing, only about a m...(more)
Blues · 3332 Hits
In 1992, I made an album with my good friend, Chris Tarry, called Landscapes as a member of The Chris Tarry Group. I wrote "The Call of the Black Knight" 2 days before p...(more)
Jazz · 5078 Hits