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WN Soul Compilation 1a

by The WholeNote Community

Size 3.8 MB
Style Funk/R&B
Gear Various equipment used from individual members
Although there have been a few attempts at WN to continue in the tradition of the first Wholenote Compilation presented by Chris Bond with the Blues/Jazz Compilation, the Soul add-a-track project is offered as Wholenote Member's second in a series.

The idea of an add-a-track project is to create a track of music that can be downloaded for members to add a solo track. It is in essence a virtual jam session. The instructional value of these projects is to listen to the many interpretations and approaches to solo work over a set of chords that comprise the backing track.

I was very excited to see that this had been started by Chris Bond and was anxious to jump right in. As a relatively new member, I found lots of support and encouragement from others who had participated in this project. A certain amount of learning about recording and file sharing via the web was necessary to participate.

Then came the music. I found a nice short piece of music that I recorded in November of 2002 that I thought would be a nice piece to present to the WN community. After adding some color over the progression I submitted the project to the instruction forum.

A number of people soon responded and before I new it, my hard drive was filling up with additional tracks from various members. I needed further assistance and got much needed help from Jim Brown who offered to mix the tracks for presentation to Wholenote. Jim did an excellent job putting the tracks together.

This was truly a collaborative effort on the part of many very talented and generous members of this community! Everyone I corresponded with was very excited about getting in on another project.

As it turns out, there were two tracks submitted for the style of guitar work that was done: A clean mix for solos without distortion and a "dirty" mix for distorted guitar solos. Each variation was mixed and completed for submission to Wholenote.

Myself along with many others are excited about the opportunity to continue this tradition here at Wholenote! We look forward to hearing more music from the vast array of talented members of the Wholenote Community.

Track 1 clean mix Soul Compilation 1a


Time Name
0:00 Jim Heidinger
1:17 Clif Chambliss (Bass Solo from a member of Active Bass)
2:34 Chris Bond (Acoustic Guitar)
3:50 Jim Brown