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Mr. Beaver Checks in #7

by James Wilmoth (5351)

Size 3.1 MB
Style Rock/Pop
Gear Fender Squier Strat
Digitech RP-7
Fender P-Bass
Voyetra's Digital Orchestrator Pro
I used a Fender Squire Strat for all four guitar tracks, and my Digitech RP-7 for effects processing. Our bass player used his Fender P-Bass, and the drum tracks came from the program we used to record it all, Voyetra's Digital Orchestrator Pro.

This song is named after a movie in a friend's collection. We were jamming on the song one night, and talking about the name of the new CD (Combat Sex), and he said, "Dude, what's this one called?" I looked around his room, because I didn't really have a name yet, and saw the movie case lying out by his DVD player. It just made sense. That's when I had the Idea for the porno wah sound at the end.

No special tunings were used for this tune. The underlying rhythm track is all power chords. Em until each break, then goes into Em at the 7th fret, to C at the 3rd fret. I play this riff back and forth a few times, and then A at the 5th fret and end it back down on Em. The effects I used were: Grunge distortion set to high gain, slow and shallow Chorus and slight reverb.

The 2nd rhythm track is all power chords as well. Em at the 7th fret to Dm at the 5th back and forth. I used the same effects settings for this track.

The 3rd rhythm track isn't heard until the end, just after the other tracks are fading out. It's just a clean Wah-Wah, while running my left hand over the strings in a muting fashion.

The lead track just came to be. I have no clue about scales and the like. I just played different stuff until it fell together. I used a heavy gain distortion, slow and medium chorus, very light echo and reverb. Thanks for listening.