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Wanna Take A Ride

by Scott Irvine (851)

Size 2.7 MB
Style Rock/Pop
Gear Fender 93' Strat (EMG equipped)
GK2A pickup
Roland GI-10, SC55 Sound Canvas
ALESIS SR-16 Drum machine
Macintosh G3 laptop
"Ride" is my first crack at hard disk recording with Steinberg's Cubase AV. This song was an idea I'd been kicking around for quite awhile. Kind of a chucka chucka song.

Sections A and B are comprised of diads with a diatonic harmonization as the highest pitch of each chord.

Section A is: Asus(no 5th), A(no 5th), G#min(no 5), Gsus(no 5th), G(no 5th), F#min(no 5th), F(no 5th), A

Section B is: Dsus(no 5th), D(no 5th), C#min(no 5), Csus(no 5th), C(no 5th), Bmin(no 5th), A#(no 5th), D

Section C has two guitar parts

Guitar1 plays: F5(1st pos), G5(3rd pos), A while Guitar 2 plays: C5(3rd pos), D5(5th pos), A

Solo section is: Amin7, G, Asus, A.

Scales used in the solo were A dorian & blues pretty much.