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Movement 4

by Kevin Gallagher (966)

Size 3.9 MB
Style Other
Gear Gibson Les Paul guitar
Roland VG-88
This piece is from a live performance done at Brooklyn College on Feb 27. It was written by my good friend Marco Oppedisano as part of a large 4 movement piece for solo electric guitar called "Urban Mosaic". The music is based on typical tonal harmonies spiced with unusual b9 intervals and b5 intervals. This harmony seems quite natural to the ear although one wouldn't think so.

Every once in a while I put a fast delay on one note which "highlights" the note and gives the feeling of two guitars. This is done with the VG-88 by pressing the Control pedal for a split second playing the note at the same time. In the second half of the piece, the expression pedal is set to volume swell only the top 4 strings of the guitar, so it sounds a bit like a guitar in the bass with a pedal steel on top. I also use is a special reverb setting with the expression pedal. As the volume is swelled down, the reverb comes up and gives the illusion of "ghost tones". This all sounds very complicated, but it is quite easy to prgram with most modern multieffects units.

I'm using fingers on the electric throughout- a typical classical guitar technique (my background is in classical guitar) I hope you enjoy the music. To find out more about composer Marco Oppedisano, please check out his web site at http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/292/marco_oppedisano.html