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Skater's Anthem

by Jedidiah Wong (29)

Size 3.4 MB
Style Metal
Gear Ibanez and Epiphone guitars
Ibanez basses
Line 6 POD and Stompboxes
Zoom Bass effects
Marshall JCM900
Focusrite ISA215 preamp
Marshall Spkr Simulator
Mackie 32.8 Console
Studer 24-track
This song was written in 2001 sometime after our first single was released. The main riff is, believe it or not, actually inspired by Jaco Pastorius' composition Teen Town. Its the first six notes of the opening phrase. Behind my everyday metal ventures, I'm quite a jazzer at heart. The song utilizes quite a basic verse-chorus-bridge-chorus format. No surprises here. Guitars are in drop-D tuning. The riff is the heart of the song and it is echoed in the verses with clean guitar and slight distortion guitars.

The interesting thing about writing this song is it actually modulates through three different key centres. The song begins in C. When the bridge hits, it suddenly goes a major third higher into E. We kinda stumbled into this key from the very first instance. At first it sounded weird, so we decided to do the part in another key. None of them sounded better than E. The breakdown portion goes into B before finally settling into C once again.

Unfortunately, our album is only available in Malaysia (EMI) unless anyone can hook us up with a label in the US. Kinda hard with that "terrorism" thing going on. Hope you enjoy our effort and visit our website at www.popshuvit.net