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In My Solitude

by Dave Wendler (2201)

Size 1.9 MB
Style Jazz
Gear Wendler electroCoustic guitar (strung with 12-52 nickel wound strings)
Alesis Nanoverb direct to CD burner
In My Solitude" is a good example of a common chord and melody progression found in the Duke's compositions. He used very standard kinds of progressions, in this case, VI, II, V, I... but he always had a bit of a twist. For example, this tune, in Eb...starts with the root chord, falls to the vi, up to ii, back to a VI dom7....to the iim, V, and root.

The bridge is in Ab, also a common trick from the "Tin Pan Alley" days of songwriting. It's in a "call and answer" format, often used as the brass would call, and the saxes would answer, or vice versa.

I love the flat keys for these old standard, they just feel "comfortable"...and my wife sings great in the flats for some reason.....