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Banks of the Ohio

by Antonio Rosa (6847)

Size 4.1 MB
Style Acoustic/Folk
Gear Washburn D15M Acoustic
Shure BG 4.0 and SM-57 microphones for the guitar
Shure SM-58 for the vocal
Soundcraft Mixer
Sony DAT Recorder
This is a very old traditional folk song, "Banks of the Ohio". It was the first arrangement that I made from scratch, as I did not have any tablature for it.

There is a major Doc Watson influence in this arrangement, primarily from his 'On Stage' recording. On that record, Merle Watson did the fingerpicking and Doc added some harmony.

This song, like my other MP3, "Freight Train", is played in C position with the capo at the 4rd fret, and just uses C, G7 and F. The solo is close to the melody.