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Fly Groove

by TJ Flickinger (279)

Size 4.1 MB
Style Rock/Pop
Gear Fender Tex-Mex Strat
Kramer Baretta
Fender bass
Boss BR-8 digital multi-track
This song is really just a simple groove in B. I was just chunking along with some chords not really looking to write anything at all, and this thing just sorta "popped out" so to speak. Usually, I write things around a melody line, but this one was written off of the original groove itself.

With most of my instrumental stuff, I follow the tried and true framework of rock songs. In other words, Intro, verse, chorus, etc..etc. But with this one, I decided to just put the groove up in spots with no leadwork on top of it. I thought that the idea would stand up on its own.

At 0:38, you hear the main melody kick in. The chord progression underneath is A, E, and B. There are two guitar tracks for the lead melody creating a "doubled-up" effect which I think lends a bit more power. Rather than just use some delay, I decided to go with a more "human-like" aspect and do it manually. A 3rd guitar comes in underneath the other two from 0:46 to 0:52 of the melody and adds in a little harmony.

For the solo section which begins at 1:58, I switch to F# and break out the Tex-Mex strat for some blues-style soloing. At 2:18, I switch back to the Kramer Beretta to finish out the lead. Still playing around F#, I switch to more of a pentatonic, "Eric Johnson" type feel on the lead up to about 2:40 when the "A, E, B" progression comes back. A different melody than the original one is placed here, but all in harmony utilizing the root and the 3rd. At about 2:57, I switch the guitar parts out of the harmony and into an octave to end the solo section.

The songs breaks back into the original groove and goes through another "chorus" section with the main melody line once again taking hold. And then to end the song, the Tex-Mex comes back at around 3:57 for some bluesy licks over the "B" groove and out to the end of the song.

A little note on pickup choice. For the Tex-Mex, I used the neck single coil to get that "breathy" sort of SRV feel. And on the Kramer, the 3-way switch is placed in the 2nd position utilizing both quad-rail humbuckers.

Hope you enjoy it!