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by Brad Caudle (22)

Size 3.3 MB
Style Metal
Gear Danelectro Inuendon 12-string
Ibanez 6-string
Digitech GSP2101s
Line 6 Bass Pod Pro
For Bucket, I use a standard tuning on my 12 string, while Dylan, the other guitar player, uses a drop-D tuning on his six string. The song is in the key of D, and Dylan makes good use of his low D. The result is that I must play octaves much of the time, often yielding 3 notes in unison (with the 12 and the 6 together). This gives Bucket a very "thick" sound.

The song seems like a tug of war between minor and major sometimes. We use this tension to create a mood for the difficult subject of suicide. For the end solo parts (played on the high stings of the 12-string, no octave), I found myself struggling for a scale. Eventually, I stummbled upon the chromatic part that finishes out the song. Sometimes experimentation and feel win out over theory (not my strong point, anyway). Also listen for the "blue notes" in the otherwise aeolian counter-melody during the choruses. These parts are played using 3rd string and lower on the 12-string to achieve an octave effect.

I hope you enjoy the song, and that it will spark some ideas for you.