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by Don Harrold (69)

Size 3.2 MB
Style Metal
Gear Fender American Stratocaster
Fender Precision bass
Roland synth pickup
Roland VGA-7 amp
Shure SM-57 mic
Peavey mixing board
Sonic Foundry Acid
The guitar I used is an "American" Strat with a Roland synth pickup. The amp is a Roland VGA-7. The rhythm tracks (drums and other percussion) are Acid loops (Sonic Foundry). The bass is a Fender precision. The mic used is an SM-57 through a small Peavey board.

The opening chords are two-string fingerings on the D and G strings with an open A note underneath. The notes hint at an A, D diminished, C, D, and E. The distorted guitars come in and basically mirror the clean playing. The one exception is that there is a bend up on the low E from a G at the turn around of the first section of each phrase.

The second main riff section is really 2 parts. There is the "A ride" and the "E ride". In the A ride section I ride the open A note with fingerings that slide up, then down in the relative key of B minor. The notes I slide up and down to are all played on the A string.

I repeat this process when I drop to the low E. However, in the "E ride" section I use the low E string as my "anchor" while I slide up and down on the A string.

The "A ride" section is where the lead comes in. This was a multiple-take lead with my two favorites dropped in. Usually, I add two or three guitars double and triple tracked with harmony. However, on this piece there is no double or tripling - just stereo pan on single guitars. The theme of the lead is D major arpeggio / B minor runs. The lead contains some of my signature "staccato" runs. Pretty fast and accurate, but maybe too short. I wanted to let the "E ride" section breath a bit and instill some heaviness before the slowdown during the outro.

The outro stuff is a return (in reverse order) to the original chord progession. The melody on the outro was a 2 take deal. Again, contrary to my style, there is no harmony. Although, I'm sure you see room for some. (Note: I KNOW the last note is out of tune! Whoops!)

Finally, there is quite a bit of background noise panned left and right under the mix. These were created with feedback and slide guitar wailings above the 24th fret. Throughout the piece there are probably 20 seperately-recorded rhythm tracks. The mix is not very good. I'm not sure why, as most of my recordings have more definition to the lead.