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Song Of Hope

by Jeremy Ledford (14379)

Size 376.9 KB
Style Metal
Gear Peavey Nitro I wtih active electronics
Boss BR-532
Tascam CDRW-2000
Wave Gold
I used a Boss BR-532 4 track recorder with the Soldano patch and delay on the solo. The drums were onboard. I used my Peavey Nitro I wtih active electronics. All sent to a Tascam CDRW-2000, then converted to .wav with Wave Gold. Fellow Wholenoter Ron Wiber converted it to MP3 for me.

I wrote the rhythm a couple of years ago. When i finally got a recorder, I put the rhythm track down at 3 AM in the morning, and this is what i got after about a half hour of tinkering with it. The solo is, for the most part, off the top of my head. To me, the melody sounds quite inspirational. This tune is at standard 440, in the key of C. The chords are mostly 2 note 3rd chords w a pedal tone on the A string. The scale I'm using is A aeolian. I use the entire key and scale shapes for my guitar solos. The solo was improvised, so the feel of the song dictated the changes in tonality and flavor. At the end of the song, I changed the lead to A harmonic minor to add some tension and to make it interesting. Enjoy and please send me feedback. i appreciate it.