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All Over Again

by Bruce Maag (15581)

Size 3.2 MB
Style Rock/Pop
Gear Gibson Les Paul Standard
Ibanez SDGR Bass Guitar
Marshall Valvestate VS100
JMP MK II Lead Heads
Marshall Cabinets
Line 6 POD
Crybaby Wah
DR-550 Drum machine
n-Track Recording Software
A moody and intense instrumental piece.

I wrote and recorded this last summer (2001), when I was undecided about some things in my life. As a result, this tune reflected how I felt at the time, a bit uneven and sorta at odds with life. In the end, fortunately everything turned out OK. So this tune will give you an idea of how our emotions coincide with the creative process, and that's the beauty of music and other art forms.

This number is in the key of A and uses simple open chords. For instance, it opens up with A, D, E. It's not how simple a chord or riff is, but how you put it all together. Right before I recorded it, I decided to use a Cry Baby wah wah pedal just for kicks, and it sorta gave the tune that extra spice it needed. Usually the first part of the recording process involves programming the drum machine, and that is what I did here. Next I layed down a rhythm track using the electric guitar with no effects. The third track is the bass track, which mostly follows the rhythm guitar. And finally I lay down the lead track, using the Line 6 POD, set in manual, using hi gain, 40% drive, and some chorus plus the wah, which in this piece involved only one track. All the tracks are input into one of the Marshall heads, even the drums are tweaked through an amp, to get the sound I want. I line out from the head to the mic input on a Soundblaster live card.

Remember, that no matter how low, angry, sorry, etc. you may feel, grab that guitar and you may be surprised at what will come from the instrument.