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Buff a Loco

by Kirk Lorange (4841)

Size 871.4 KB
Style Blues
Gear 1951 Gibson J-50
Unknown bass
Cardboard box full of empty tape reels
Padded chair
This is a very short piece I submitted amongst several others to a TV show that was looking for a theme and incidental music. It's an acoustic slide thing, only about a minute long. This actually was used in a driving-down-the-highway scene.

It's is in Dropped D, the only tuning I ever use now. It's a pretty straightforward 12 bar-ish chord progression, but the haste with which it was recorded seems to have captured a certain energy. I play slide bass on this, which I've never heard of before or since. After I'd put the guitars and bass line down, I decided it needed to be a bit more percussive, so I rolled an upholstered chair into the studio from the reception area and thumped it for the bass drum, then found a cardboard box full of empty tape reels (remember them?) which I slapped hard for the snare drum. A quick tamborine overdub, and hey presto. Buff a Loco. Whatever that means.