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Pop Goes The What

by Danny Danzi (2052)

Size 3 MB
Style Metal
Gear Carvin DC-400 Custom without active electronics
Digitech 2101 Limited edition Pre-amp low Z outs for direct (speaker sim)
Ibanez Sound Gear 5 string through the 2101 direct
Roland trap kit played through a Roland TD-10 VDrums module
Recorded on a Tascam 16 track 1 inch 30 ips machine and Cakewalk Pro Audio 9
Mixer: Mackie 32x8 with cyber mix automation
Effects: Behringer multigate, multi com, denoiser
Digitech 2101, TSR 24, Studio Quad, DHP 55 Harmonizer
Alesis Quadraverb 1 and 2
Eventide Ultra Harmonizer
Mastered in WaveLab
This was a "look mom no hands" type of tune I put on my last album. I wanted to showcase all of my abilities wide open, so I wrote a tune that completely ripped from the word go. This took about 2 days to complete, and I played all instruments. The guitar was tuned to an open "C" chord, and this is the way I've played since I was about 4 years old. I see you all laughing!

This tune showcases just about every technique in the rock/metal/shred world, and that was my reason to post it here. It has sweeps slow and fast, tapping, mode usage, blues, tricks, etc. You name it, this baby has it. A lot of bang for your buck in just over 3 minutes. I think if Eddie Van Halen was still kicking butt like back in the day, and kept up with the guitar techniques of present, we might hear something along the lines of this. :-)

The lead solo was done in full on the 4th take, and was not edited. The drums were not quantized, and a few timing mistakes were left in for fear of losing human feel. Real cymbals were used and mic'd using Beyer and sure SM-57's. All instruments were compressed at the recording stage except for the cymbals. The bass was run direct and tuned standard. Rhythm guitars were double tracked and panned at 7 o'clock (left) and 5 o'clock (right). A stereo delay was added to the lead guitar track that bounced (or ping ponged) in time right to left in time with the music.

Q Sound audio plug ins were used to give the delay a more spacious sound, but I over did it just a bit making it too wet in spots. I killer effect if you don't go overboard! But hey, it sounded great when I did it...but now that I look back, I would have used less of it because it buried the lead guitar in some spots. It's perfectly audible, but could have been a bit hotter in the mix with the plug in applied. I have more stuff like this that I'll post soon. Feel free to send any questions about this or anything else at your convenience. Enjoy, and thanks so much for listening!