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Bill Bailey

by Inactive Member

Size 2.5 MB
Style Acoustic/Folk
Gear J.J. Acoustic
Alesis Microverb
2 Shure condenser mics
StudioMaster mixing board
Sony DAT machine
This is an arrangement I did of a traditional tune, Bill Bailey. It's played in standard tuning. The tune was played without overdubs and it's a first take. I always use a thumb-pick (Gibson medium), and on the other 3 fingers of my right hand, I play with short natural nails. My capo is the Shubb for classical guitar owing to the fact that the J.J. guitar has a flat fingerboard. The strings are John Pearse light gauge. On this recording I used a J.J. Acoustic six-string guitar. I recorded the sound using 2 Shure condenser mics, whose recording position was the classic X-Y. The mics were connected to a StudioMaster mixing-board, then to a Sony DAT machine. Finally I made a copy direct to a CD-R using a Pioneer-05 CD recorder. There's a slight reverb using the Alesis Microverb.