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Call of the Black Knight

by Christopher Sung (9641)

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Style Jazz
Gear Gibson Les Paul Standard
Mouse Amplifiers in Stereo (yes, the battery-powered ones)
Korg A3 Multi-Effects Processor
In 1992, I made an album with my good friend, Chris Tarry, called Landscapes as a member of The Chris Tarry Group. I wrote "The Call of the Black Knight" 2 days before production began, because we needed an up-tempo modern jazz tune with a backbeat.

This excerpt includes a statement of the main melody, and then my guitar solo. The form of the piece is AABA, in which the A section is essentially in C minor, and the B section is F minor. Most of the ideas used over the C minor are based on C dorian, while the bridge ideas in F minor allude to F dorian a lot.

When the the form moves from the A to B section, I use dominant type scales like C altered to imply a C7 chord that moves to F minor. The only other point of note is that the blues scale is sometimes evoked, especially with the high bluesy bends at the end of the B section, when we return to the restatement of the A section.