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No Rhyme Or Reason

by Bill Dux (1885)

Size 2.2 MB
Style Blues
Gear Alvarez acoustic
Korg G2 Acoustic Processor
This tune breaks in and out of the Blues into a Spacey/Jazzey form.

The spacey blusey/jazzey almost dissonant feeling at times is also interesting. These two emotions generally go hand in hand when we are "Down"...but I never thought of putting them together till now. Why? I don't know.

For some reason, it just cuts out at the end. I thought I faded it out, but not to be. There must have been a delay between the 4 track and the computer that I was not aware of, but this error was never corrected (on purpose). It goes well with the nature of the tune.

The equipment used on this piece was just my 30 year old Alvarez acoustic (that is in dire need of repair), through a Korg G2 Acoustic Processor, and recorded direct into my 4 track. Nothing fancy. It is in Dropped 'D' tuning, but pitched to 'E' with a capo on the 2nd Fret, and intermixed with a descending E7#9.
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I-air Color (626) wrote:
Nov 8 2012
sorry I rated this a 5

some interesting playing there