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Size 1.3 MB
Style Metal
Gear K. Seidel custom guitar with Seymour Duncan JB and scalloped fingerboard
Line 6 POD Pro
Cakewalk Pro Audio 9
Alesis DM5
Fender Power Jazz bass with active pickups
I was hanging out on the Seymour Duncan website and reading through their forum when I got the idea to whip up a little MP3 example of what my main guitar sounds like with a JB humbucker and a 500k volume pot. I was then going to change the pot to a 250k and re-record the whole thing to demonstrate how the tone of the guitar changed. The 250k pot is supposed to reduce some of the upper mids and the high presence peak of the JB pickup... which I have battled for years in search of the elusive "perfect tone".

Anyway, I put this short piece of music together and then changed the pot in my guitar only to find out that the difference was less than spectacular. Not only that, but the 250k pot doesn't work very well with a humbucker. There's almost no volume control until the very last part of the pot's travel, were the volume goes from full to nonexistent.

Now that my experiment has become a failure, I thought I would at least try to salvage something by posting the MP3 for everybody to check out.

This is my K. Seidel custom (Dimarzio neck and body w/ Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge position and one volume knob) plugged straight into my POD pro and recorded in Cakewalk. I Set the POD up on one of the Dual Rectifier patches (5A) with no effects. I added a little reverb to the entire mix in Cakewalk, though.

The piece is in E Dorian (for the most part), but since my guitar happened to be tuned down a half-step I ended up playing all the guitar parts in F. The exotic sound is due to resolving to the 2 and 6 of the scale rather than the root. I didn't plan any of this out, it's just what sounded good to me at the moment.... which is how most of my stuff is put together.

I also figured that if a bunch of guitar players were going to be checking me out, I'd better show off a little and at least try to sound somewhat impressive.

Hope you like it.