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Devellis Lick

by Evaldo Devellis (285)

Size 155.8 KB
Style Rock/Pop
Gear Ibanez RG760
Peavey Bandit amp
Zoom 3030 Effects Processor
Shure Beta 58A mic
Cakewalk Pro Audio
Tascam Portastudio 424
Here is a solo part from my music "Give Your Opinion Too..." This solo was born at first by improvisation and afterwards I turned it into a standard solo.

It begins in the key of Bbm dorian, with a Bbm arpeggio combining tapping and bend. Then the key changes to the key of C#m and I play a pentatonic lick using wah-wah pedal effect. Again comes an arpeggio followed by a sequence of hammer-ons and pull-offs (a la Joe Satriani) ending with a alternate picking scale. For this scale I used upstokes, and I omitted the sixth interval. It sounds good for me and we can use it in both dorian or aeolian scale.

I used an Ibanez RG760 model, plugged to a Zoom 3030 effect processor outputting to a Peavey Bandit amp. For recording the sound from Peavey I used a Beta 58A Shure microphone that is geared more toward vocal use, but it worked fine. I made the MIDI sequences for the drums and the bass parts using Cakewalk Pro Audio. After this, I recorded it and the rhythm and solo guitars in a Tascam Portastudio 424, which is an analog 4-track recording studio.

Thanks for listening !