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One Of My Turns (industrially Treated Pink Floyd Cover)

by Partha Anant (103)

Size 2.9 MB
Style Experimental
Gear Guitar: ESP Viper - 1000
Stomp box: Dunlop MXR distortion+ (Randy Rhoads signature series)
Amp: Laney
Machine: Hp Compaq (self modified)
Cables: Rock Cable and Planet waves
This is one song I've always loved from the album "The Wall" ever since I was a kid...and I guess this is one of the most influential albums by Pink Floyd along with ones like 'The dark side of the moon' et all... But then I have this disorder...it is called 'Being Myself'; so I've done the track in my signature experimentally industrial style...the way I've done 'Cold Turkey' by John Lennon...