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John A's Bossa Madness

by John Angilletta (210)

Size 2.2 MB
Style Jazz
Gear I used a Stagg copy of a tele with Bill Lawrence pickups
I recorded this using Mixcraft version 6 direct with just a bit of reverb. I used alot of sweep arpegios,octaves,and some triads that really groove at the end part. Band in a box gave me the background band. This song was entirely improvised. I hope you guys enjoy it!
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John Angilletta (210) wrote:
Mar 15 2013
I was thinking of renaming this song "FRANKENSTIEN MEETS THE GIRL FROM IPANEMA" What do ya think?????????
I-air Color (626) wrote:
Mar 18 2013
That was nice. Band in a Box is cool, isn't it.
John Angilletta (210) wrote:
Mar 18 2013
Thanks! Yes, Band in a Box is a cool tool I am gonna check out your stuff whe I can!:)