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What It Means

by Robert Strait (6660)

Size 3.9 MB
Style Reggae
Gear Guitars:
Epiphone Sheraton
All Guitars recorded straight to the board (Neve), no effects!
Recording medium:
Otari 2" Tape (all intrstrument tracks)
Pro Tools LE (vocals)
When I first joined WN about 10 years ago (!), I posted an MP3 of the raw instrument tracks before adding vocals and mixing. In light of WN's new overhaul, I thought it would be cool to post the finished version.

The tune is basically in A major, with a modulation to D in the chorus. It also moves to the relative minor of F#minor in the sections between the verses. For the solo, I laid down two and decided to keep them both! Basically, I stick to the pentatonic scale, which seemed to fit the style. For more detail, check out the original post...

SAPPY LYRICS ALERT: I originally wrote this many, many years ago as an anniversary gift to my wife, so you won't find any high brow, metaphorical lyrics here! Just pure, unadultirated sap!

Hope you dig "What It Means".

Keep picking

- R