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The Pilgrim Song

by Alfred Scoggins (5193)

Size 2.8 MB
Style Bluegrass
Gear 2 acoustic steel guitars and a very old recorder :)
To go with the lesson.
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Christopher Sung (9641) wrote:
Jul 22 2012
Lol, this sounds like it was recorded on a porch in Kentucky, circa 1930. All we need is some whiskey.

Great playing!
Alfred Scoggins (5193) wrote:
Jul 22 2012
I think it was probably beer at the time :)

I recorded it on a small cassette recorder then played it via a microphone into Audacity and saved it as an mp3. Mind you, we've done better but those recordings don't fit the lessons. Now I've discovered mp3s I might start illustrating some of the other lessons too.

Thanks for your comments, Chris. Like the new site!