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Groove Seven

by Joel Van Dijk (167)

Size 3.9 MB
Style Funk/R&B
Gear Parker Fly Classic
Boss GT-5
Roland GR-33 Guitar Synth
Ibanez SR405 Bass
Korg D12 Digital Recorder
"Groove Seven" is one of the tracks I recently finished for my soon-to-be self released CD "Trip." The initial concept of the song was to create a massive groove with many different guitar sound scapes. There actually only ended up being four guitar tracks total (not including the bass guitar and guitar synth organ), the reason that I stopped there was because it justed sounded good already. As guitar players many of us really have to practice restraint a good amount of the time.

The Groove started on top of a looped free sample from MP3.com. As we were recording, we had dice laying around and because of the lingering fear of adhering to the all too guitar friendly keys of E and A, we rolled the dice and decided with one being C and so on the key ended up G, number seven. Although G is still not too out there, at least it's not E or A. The verse grooves are basically just a vamp of G7, whereas the chorus is also a fairly simple 1-3-5 (G7, Bb7, C7), it based all major seventh chords in the place of minor scale intervals. In other words, I was transposing dominant seventh chords in place of all the intervals. It's not quite as complicated as it might sound.

The solo, like each of the other tracks, was completely improvised and recorded in one session, with no cut/paste editing. Originally, the wasn't going to be a solo, but after the groove was set it was still lacking. All the sounds were recorded direct with boss GT-5 and with the solo, I though I had found the "perfect" (if there is such a thing) sound. The solo itself was rooted more in phrasing than technical merit. It toys between the chords and the intervals, for instance I will play a section in G Mixolyidian and then when the chorus comes opt. to a G Dorian, because of the inclusion of the Bb (minor 3rd).

It ends with the psychedellicly charged tremolo with the speed assigned control pedal, something which is actually subtly playing throughout the entire song. The Panning was done onboard the Korg D12.

This one of the less technical tracks on my album, but as they say if it sounds good, then it well... just sounds good! So, it sounds good to me, and I hope it does to you. Enjoy!