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Opposites Attract

by Tim Lowe (326)

Size 1.9 MB
Style Rock/Pop
Gear Melancon Telecaster
Line 6 Pod Pro
Yamaha md8
Joe Meek
ART dmv pro
Fender bass
Pretty much rock riff in the key of E...i tried to keep the chord structure simple, on purpose, because that's the kind of song it is. i achieved a very good guitar crunch with the melancon tele thru the pod pro, then double tracked the guitars to get a bigger sound (i played, for the most part, the two guitar tracks identical). i played the harmonica to give the song just a little different feel. even though my playing is very ordinary, i left it in because it seemed to help create a vibe. the vocals (such as they are!): first track: normal, into rhode mic/joemeek mic pre, then feed that recorded track back into the pod pro (it's called reamping), added the fuzz and delay---this signal is sent from pod pro back into yamaha md8 second track. this way i can split the vocals into stereo (the fuzz/echo voice should come out of the right speaker.)

Thanks for listening!