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Ritmo Ole'

by Jaime Freeman (41)

Size 4 MB
Style Flamenco
Gear Yamaha nylon-string acoustic guitar
Dean Bass
SansAmp Bass DI
Digi-001 Recording Preamp
Acid Software for Sequencing
Fruity Loops for Strings
Sound Forge for EQ and Reverb effects
"Ritmo Ole" is an instrumental New Flamenco song. It is basically comprised of a 3 chord progression laced with a improvised melody. For the most part, I used the C# minor scale for the lead.

I recorded this entire song in my small home studio using a Digi 001 for my preamps along with ACID as the Recording sequencer. For the drums and percussions I used pre-recorded one-shot sound files which I sequenced in ACID. The Bass was recorded live using the SansAmp Bass DI which I seriously recommend for all of you Home Recording guys. And finally, the guitar was recorded thru a Behringer Tube Ultragain Pro which helped me get an nice pure and natural sound.

One of the most important things for me to achieve with my music is a thick sounding rhythm. So when it comes to the rhythm guitars I like to double with two separately recorded tracks. Then I pan them equally to the left and right. I usually pan between 10 and 15 percent. This give the song a nice thick sound. I use the same technique with my melodies. For instance, in the Intro and outro melody I have one melody track slightly paned to the left and then on the next measure I use a separately recorded track slightly paned to right. But with the 2nd melody played an octave higher to give it a more melodic feel. Another technique I used to thicken the Choirs is the use of Strings. I used the software program Fruityloops to sequence a string section for the Choirs to give it more coloration.

With this style of music I try not to go too crazy with the effects. I used SoundForge to edit my files and I stick to using EQ and Reverb. Other then that I try to go with as much natural sound from the instrument as possible. I hope some of this info is useful for any of you. Thanks for reading and I wish you the best of luck with all of your musical endeavors.