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Song For Barb

by Christopher Sung (9641)

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Style Jazz
Gear Gibson Les Paul Standard
Mouse Amplifiers in Stereo (yes, the battery-powered ones)
Korg A3 Multi-Effects Processor
In 1992, I made an album with my good friend, Chris Tarry, called Landscapes as a member of The Chris Tarry Group. Song For Barb is a ballad that Chris wrote for his then-girlfriend, Barb, now his wife (further proof playing music can be beneficial to your love life).

I've included the melody (played by Mr. Tarry on the bass) before the guitar solo to give you an idea of the basic form. My rhythm playing on this consisted mostly of volume swells using held chords and a volume pedal. The guitar solo was overdubbed, and this version is the only take, with no punch-ins (we were running out of studio time)...

The form of the tune is AABA, with each section being 8 measures long. The solo is over one chorus of the entire form. The chords for the A section are:

| Bbmaj7    Bbmaj7#5 | Ab7#11 G7b13 | Cm7    Bb7      | Em7b5  A7b9 |
| Ebmaj7#11 B/F      | Cm7    F7b9  | Bbmaj7 Bbmaj7#5 | Bbmaj7 Bbmaj7#5 |

The A section is essentially in Bb. The first 2 measures are similar to the jazz standard, "There Is No Greater Love", with this stepwise motion from the Bb to the G. You have a minor ii-V in Dm in measure 4 with the Em7b5-A7b9, which is how I think about playing over that measure, and or course, your basic ii-V-I in Bb in measures 6-7, which brings the tune back home to Bb.

The chords for the B section are:

| Gm7    Ab7 | Gm7    Ab7  | Gm7    Ab7      | Gm7    Ab7 |
| Gm7    Ab7 | Cm7    F7b9 | Bbmaj7 Bbmaj7#5 | Bbmaj7 Bbmaj7#5 |

The B section is essentially a vamp in Gm, switching between the Gm7 and the Ab7. For the Gm7, I think phrygian and then lydian b7 on the Ab7. The main thing is to really hit the Gb on the Ab7 because it's really characteristic of the Ab7. The last 3 measures are exactly the same as the last 3 measures of the A section.
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Inactive Member wrote:
Jul 14 2012
Hi Chris! Man, I really enjoy your playing brother. I'm starting to freshen up my fundamentals in Jazz...I can't say I'm proficient in the style, but I'm getting the feel of things. Looking forward to hearing more of your work. Take care.