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by Jim Graham (5168)

Size 2.6 MB
Style Flamenco
Gear Takemine 132S Electric Classical
Shure SM57 Microphone
TEAC recording console
I composed this piece at a point in my Flamenco studies where I felt I had to clear my head so to speak. I needed to unload all of these ideas and new information so that I could continue to grow.

The guitar on the recording is a Takemine 132S Electric Classical non-cutaway made around 1987. Even though these guitars are equipped with an excellent pick-up and pre-amp it still records better with a microphone in my opinion. In this case I used a Shure SM57, considered to be a great choice for recording acoustic guitars. This was run through a standard mic pre-amp of unknown make which was connected directly to a TEAC recording console and onto analogue tape. During the process of digital mastering a bit of reverb was added. The mic was positioned about 8 inches from the guitar and was pointed at the neck/body joint at about a 45 degree angle. There were two reasons for this, one, acoustic guitars don't record well with the mic pointing straight at the soundhole, and two, it had to be out of the way of my right hand for the strumming sections.