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Lowest Lesson Rating Ever!

Well, it seems I have received the lowest rating I have ever gotten on my "Comping:Bass Notes w/ Chords" lesson...a 1!! If the person who gave my this rating would be so nice as to give me their feedback regarding this lesson and what they disliked so much about it, I would really appreciate it. Maybe it would help me improve myself or my lessons! Thanks!
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Re: Lowest Lesson Rating Ever!

8/7/2001 5:23 PM

Anthony Holden (9426) wrote:

I'm glad I'm still logged on here to see this post.

Robert - when I started composing lessons and received 1's in the rating, it really put myself in a sour mood.

I'd be upset for a day or two over it.

But after being here for a while now, you get used to it (however, it still is bothersome). Just yesterday, I got a '1' on my 'Intromania' lesson.

I've got about 14 lessons with 120 pages, and I've put a lot of work in those pages. And yes, I do feel a '1' should have some form of explanation.

This one lesson of mine got hit with a bunch of '1's' a few months ago and I almost gave up on Wholenote. But I figured it to be the working of one individual.

As you may have noticed, I'm still here.

I know some don't like my presence here but they'll have to live with it ... LOL.


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Re: Lowest Lesson Rating Ever!

8/7/2001 6:16 PM

Sandra Goodfellow (6568) wrote:

I like your presence here Ant, you're one of the fun guys that can also give intelligent answers occasionally J


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Re: Lowest Lesson Rating Ever!

8/7/2001 8:53 PM

Joe Short (3404) wrote:

oh there goes that Ant guy again.........


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Re: Lowest Lesson Rating Ever!

8/8/2001 10:34 AM

Anthony Holden (9426) wrote:

Well ... at least I didn't whine this time. LOL

A quote from one of my favourite movies ... "Nobody likes a whiner"

- Bill Murray, 'Quick Change'.


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Re: Lowest Lesson Rating Ever!

8/17/2001 9:54 PM

Jason Henderson (5681) wrote:

Ant, your one of the smartest people on this site, and their are a lot of dumb ones here two (including me), so it kinds of even the balance of the site.

But I think that giving lessons a 1 is unfair, especially if they don't say why. I think they should be able to put their names (the person that is typing up the rating) and the date and such like in Fretbuzz, and also an explenation of why they get a low or high rating. This system should also be included in the resources section, I think. Does anyone agree with me on this?


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Re: Lowest Lesson Rating Ever!

8/18/2001 12:12 AM

Anthony Holden (9426) wrote:

Thanks for the compliment.

I have a very good reason why not to be bothered anymore by the rating system ... a lot of hits (which explains the interest). I still get the odd positive feedback on my lessons.


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Re: Lowest Lesson Rating Ever!

8/7/2001 5:40 PM

John Myers (8868) wrote:

I've looked at your lesson and it seems like a pretty darn good lesson. I would never rate it or any other lesson for that matter, that low unless somebody just put up something with nothing of any use on it. I definately think that was an unfair rating by that person, they probably did it just for spite. I certainly hope not, because I would hope that people here at WN would be above that kind of childish behavior.


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Re: Lowest Lesson Rating Ever!

8/7/2001 5:58 PM

Sean Kelly (1525) wrote:

we had a big discussion about lesson ratings a while back, and chris posted about it afterwards, since its an issue that comes up again and that yall might find interesting. i think my arguments about it still apply--though many have disagreed and I think their points are also valid.

the old thread is available here

I agree the anonymity of it is a problem. but i try to think of a 1 as someone saying 'this lesson is not for me' rather than 'this lesson sucks'. essentially, the problem is that no one who rates a lesson that low would bother to write feedback about it, or they are rating it in an antagonizing manner and the feedback would just be flaming nonsense. But as ratings are just a small part of the experience, maybe they should have lesser placement on the member start page, or that we only notify you if there are good ones, eh?



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Re: Lowest Lesson Rating Ever!

8/8/2001 10:50 AM

Bruce Maag (15581) wrote:

Not true Sean, sorry but I have had feedback from a few people that would have given one or more of my lessons a 1. The fact that these people had the nerve to send feedback, and explain their problem with the lesson, allowed me to edit the lesson(s), and I commend them for doing so.

I still believe and always will believe that just giving a 1 helps nobody, in fact it discourages your lesson authors to the point of, WHY make them in the first place.

You know that I have been there, and I made a commitment not to ever look at the ratings link again. But it is tough when it is staring at you right in the face !!

Sean, I need a better explanation of why we have this lesson points system at all. Surely it's not to bum out your lesson authors, who give their time here making those lessons, in order to help other guitarists. Because sure as heck, every lesson author here eventually gets 1's and they have no clue why, unless they think it is a prank, and that is another reason to dump the system.

I would have never responed to this post, if I hadn't seen your reply here, only because the subject makes me sick to my stomach !!

Sean, any comments to this reply, are surely welcome. Also anybody else with ideas on the topics I brought up are invited to join on in.



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Re: Lowest Lesson Rating Ever!

8/9/2001 3:06 PM

Steve Shaw (1444) wrote:

Hi Bruce

Some thing come to mind re: the points rating system is :

How would someone who has just taken up playing guitar know whether or not the lesson is a good one?
Something else comes to mind, what 'criteria' is used in awarding points?
I have 'clicked' on to some lessons and they didn't work fo me. But,it was probably because my guitar knowledge and playing were/are not up to that particular standard!
BTW, I always print the lessons out and refer back to them later. I always give 5 points for each lesson that way I figure that it will encourage all 'authors' to continue creating lessons.
These lessons are to me , invaluble in my journey of learning how to play guitar.

Best regards


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