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Christopher Sung=class act

As I know Chris doesn't check his inbox very often (the sheer volume of it would keep me from doing so) I thought I'd leave a message here, and I wanted everyone to see it.
A while back, because of personal reasons, I messaged Chris to please cancel my membership...I was spending way too much time here.
A few minutes ago I checked my inbox and found a message from him, in which he apologized for taking a while to respond (it wasn't really that long of a delay) and in which he noted that since that time I had been fairly active in the forums. He ended his message by saying "Hope all is well."
Just wanted all of you to know (as if you didn't already) what a classy guy is in charge here, in fact three classy guys...Chris, Sean, and Jim.
Fantastic site, guys.

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Re: Christopher Sung=class act

7/26/2001 7:28 PM

Sean Kelly (1525) wrote:

awwww, shucks mark. Im sure chris would agree that its really you guys and gals that make the site so amazing. In fact that was really our goal, to not have to be around so much anymore once you guys feel the site is for, by and about -you-. I cant tell you how much the site has helped me personally in the last 2+ years its been around, as a guitarist, as a songwriter (in discovering new styles and methods) and most especially as a person, in curing my cynicism about the net, interacting with strangers in a non-defensive and open way, and seeing the good that comes out of communities in general. hope you stick around! I'll be lurking mostly (I have a pretty intense job), but its nice to see the familiar names and new ones and watch it grow and thrive. so thanks mark and everyone!

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Re: Christopher Sung=class act

7/26/2001 7:50 PM

Rick Payman (10061) wrote:

Well, I would just like to second that.
I had been concerned about Chris' absence recently, and your message, together with a correspondance from Sean have reassured me that Chris is indeed OK, and still cares about us.

I've said this before, and I will no doubt say it again, and again, and again ...

Three Cheers for Chris, Sean and Jim, and indeed to everybody here at WholeNote who have helped to make the Community such wonderful and special place to be part of.

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Re: Christopher Sung=class act

7/26/2001 8:22 PM

Sandra Goodfellow (6568) wrote:

I couldn't agree more 'hear hear, hip hooray and I raise my glass'


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Re: Christopher Sung=class act

8/6/2001 6:10 PM

John Myers (8868) wrote:

I'm with you on that one Sandra. I'll raise my soda can to the folks here at WN any day.

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Christopher Sung=class act, as well as the rest of the staff !!

7/27/2001 1:03 AM

Bruce Maag (15581) wrote:

I've had communication with the guys here at WN when I was down and out a few times. Like many here I was spending way too much time here, and figured I best relinquish my membership. And there have been other issues.

They were there to help me, and I'll never forget it !!

These guys have a wonderful outlook and really do care about each and every member here, and will help if they can. As the community grows larger, it has to be tougher on them, because I know they would like to answer every message ASAP if they could, but that's not realisic now.

And as a guitar players community we probably need to help each other as much as possible. As Sean (the lurker) mentioned the idea of the site is to make it self sustaining as much as possible.

But The WN staff will always be here for us when we are in dire need. Posting in the Wholenote forum (this one), will get the quickest response!

Still, and it comes up on occasion, these guys do deserve the praise they receive, and I am glad to see these posts, as we are fortunate to have a group of guys that are people oriented. They really care and have savy.

So Mark, Cheers to you for reminding us all that this site is IMO one of, if not the best (not only guitar) sites on the web, and bound to get even better !!

Hip Hip ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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The Mutual Admiration Society

7/27/2001 2:33 AM

Christopher Sung (9641) wrote:

I should include the epilogue, which is that Mark did in fact say that "all is well", so that's good to know.

I'm thinking that at some point, I should put something in the FAQ about WholeNote "burnout". As far as I can tell, this happens for 2 reasons:

1) You've been trying to keep up with all the new messages, lessons, links, etc. to the point where the massive amount of time you've been spending on the site would be better spent playing your guitar, hanging out with loved ones, or looking at art.

2) You're starting to invest too much emotion into the interactions that you have with other members on the site, to the point where your virtual experiences are affecting you more than your experiences in the "real" world. Though I'm not a sociologist (nor do I play one on TV), I can imagine that this is not a good dynamic to have in one's life.

In any event, it's probably a good thing I don't check my inbox that often. That way, I get to read nice things like the one you just posted... ;-)

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Re: The Mutual Admiration Society

7/27/2001 7:39 AM

Tracy Hardy Johnson (11666) wrote:

Ditto the FAQ update to ActiveBass . . . :):):)

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Re: The Mutual Admiration Society

7/27/2001 2:53 PM

Steve Shaw (1444) wrote:

Hi Chris

I've have been guilty of both 1 and 2, in the past.

To rectify this, I practise first, then 'treat' myself to time checking out Fb.
Usually there are about 150 Fb notices. So I start at the last section and work my way forward.
Missing every other section.
I tried it the other way round, but found when I got to the end more new posts were sent. Then I start from the begining, by the time I went through them there were more.
So as with my practice sessions I 'plan' out what I want to look at and check out; on the whole of Wn.
I've found this quite productive.
However a point I raised in my updated homepage is that FB takes away the isolation factor of being alone practising.

Best regards


Fully 'subscribed' member of the M A S.

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Re: Christopher Sung=class act

7/27/2001 12:55 PM

Tim Floto (6151) wrote:

Chris, Sean and Jim have created a great site. And every member here has turned it into a great "virtual" guitar community.
Tim, at home at WN

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Re: Christopher Sung=class act

7/29/2001 9:39 AM

Shane Roe (9823) wrote:

I agree with all that's been said. This site has really helped me a lot.


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