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Strickt Alternate Picking

Hi, I recently tried this and realize that mastering it will take a good deal of time. In your opinion is it a good investment of my practice time to learn this technique or should I just stay with economy picking? How long did it take you to learn alternate picking? Thanks
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Re: Strickt Alternate Picking

7/17/2001 3:59 PM

Stone Dragon (8501) wrote:

A good investment of your time?


If you give it some concerted effort and force yourself to do it right, you'll have it down in a matter of weeks.

I wouldn't necessarily recommend that you totally abandon economy picking, though. It has its uses.

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Re: Strickt Alternate Picking

7/17/2001 4:31 PM

Inactive Member wrote:

I agree with Stone, I would like to add that the use of a metronome will speed the process. Economy picking is something that you can look into once you have a good feel for the alternate picking.

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Re: Strickt Alternate Picking

7/17/2001 4:04 PM

Robert Silvia (1575) wrote:

This is an important technique to practice; I have no clue how long it took me to be able to get down (I did when I was younger). When playing though I find that analyzing what your going to play and working out a picking pattern that is most economical (after a while this becomes a split second reaction), produces better results as far as speed is concerned. Economical approaches usually involve the combining Circular picking (sweeps) with alternate picking; both techniques should be developed individually before you start combining them.

Also when I first learn a song I use down strokes for all whole / half / and quarter notes, and alternate on 1/8 and above. That helps remember the timing of each note, after I have the song down I create the most economical approach that I can devise.

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Re: Strickt Alternate Picking

7/17/2001 7:00 PM

Tim Floto (6151) wrote:

This is an essential technique.

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Re: Strickt Alternate Picking

7/17/2001 7:57 PM

Bruce Maag (15581) wrote:

Your not going to want to strictly alternate pick. There would be no variety in your solos, but runs require alternate picking if you want any sort of unity and speed in your licks.

So ya man, learn it !!

But be patient and go at the pace you know is best for you. Just as with any guitar technique, the style will add to your abilities, and give you a broader range of options.