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Hi everyone

I heard part of a discussion on the radio.
Apparently the discussion was about Brian May of Queen. 'They' were talking about his early years.
His dad apperently made his first guitar, and he used an old sixpence(UK) pre-decimal coin as a pick.
I don't know if he still uses them?
So do any of you guys and girls use something other than a 'plastic' pick?
Or what is your favourite 'plastic' pick?
I understand different manufactures make different plyable picks, what is the best?

Best regards

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Re: Picks

7/15/2001 4:40 PM

Maciek Sakrejda (8047) wrote:

I tried playing with coins and I love the sound, but the grip is awful. Anyone know of a country that has triangular coins?


PS. I've heard that some companies do make metal picks. Anyone know more about that?

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Re: Picks

7/15/2001 4:47 PM

Robert Silvia (1575) wrote:

They make metal picks... a friend of mine has one. I have no clue where he got it from though.

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Re: Picks

7/15/2001 5:33 PM

Mike Bulko (989) wrote:

i have 2mm thick picks (doesnt sound like much but ive only seen them once)
i used to use alan keys as picks for my bass when i first started

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Re: Picks

7/15/2001 7:39 PM

Ken Williams (1120) wrote:

I like the Dunlop Nylon picks. I use the .73's mostly. They don't turn around in my hand as much as the smooth ones do. Almost indistructable, never had one to break or bend. I guess I lose them before that happens. Never tried metal ones, just havent had the oppertunity.
Make a joyful Noise

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Re: Picks

7/15/2001 9:36 PM

Bruce Maag (15581) wrote:

Dunlop Totex Greens, .88mm's.

Like you say, they are a long lasting pick, even at high speed they don't wear down as fast as the pick of old.

At close to 50 cents each they better hold up !!


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Re: Picks

7/16/2001 4:36 AM

Sangram Rakshit (1274) wrote:

Ernie Ball Medium (really soft and smooth: Strumming

Gibson Ultra-Light: Acoustic Strumming
Gibson Medium Tortoise-shell: When in need of more volume

Gibson extra-heavy 1.5 mm: For fast electric lead playing on heavy strings

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Re: Picks

7/16/2001 6:13 AM

David Mackie (11072) wrote:

I've used pennies when nothing else is around.They're slightly smaller than my regular Fender jazz picks and have a nice, "chewy" attack. I've heard that Billy Gibbons uses quarters and I've tried them, but they're too clunky for me.

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Re: Picks

7/16/2001 6:30 AM

Jason Henderson (5681) wrote:

I know some people that use coins and quarters when they run out of picks, even my brother did when he played guitar. But I don't, I do it a more classic way-with my finger. Sure it hurts like hell, but hey, it's what I got. But my picks are what I mostly use. I am beginning to buy a whole bunch load of Clayton picks, I have them in three sizes: 50mm, 63mm, and 1.26mm. I have four of that last one. I have an alien pick made by EB3, and it's the only one of it's kind that I have. I have a Gibson medium pick that I like to use when I'm picking, something I don't do that often cause I lick strumming, mostly.
I also have these two fuzzy picks that I've had since I've started, and I only use them on my accuistic cause they sound better that way. And last but certainly not least, my Dunlop made 2.0mm pick that I call really cheesily, "Pickbreaker", cause it's so thick that it breaks strings everytime I use it. Out of all my picks beyond the fuzzy ones, it's the one I think that'll survive till the end of my time, if I don't loose it or it gets stolen, I mean.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is, everyone uses their own tactics on playing guitar. Not that many but some people still use their fingers to strum the guitar, and some people don't. I don't know if Brian still uses quarters or what have you, but I'm sure he doesn't-common, if you where that rich?


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Re: Picks

7/16/2001 9:11 AM

James Woods (2746) wrote:

I use Dunlop Stainless Steel Picks. They're thin and incredibly stiff (you can't bend them at all). You get the attack of metal-on-metal but, in a traditional pick size. The only problem is, most stores don't carry them so, you have to order direct from Dunlop.


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Re: Picks

7/16/2001 2:46 PM

Tim Floto (6151) wrote:

I use the fender delrin .77s traingular which are discontinued. I also use fender plastic .88s which I like a lot.

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