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Please help me if you can.

Mike Bulko (989)

Open Guitar Forum · 7/15/2001 9:51 AM
Im a 17 year old Bass/Rhythm Guitar player from Bolton Ontario. Im looking to join a new band, or find people to just jam with in the Bolton/Brampton/Orangeville area. My Influences are Nirvana, 311, Tool, Sublime, Mxpx, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Treble Charger, and alot of other Punk. Looking to be in either a Punk, or Alternative band. Have 4 Years Experience with bass, 1 with Guitar, and have been in 2 long lasting bands. I have my own equipment. I have taken a few theory lessons and am resuming in september. I want to start as soon as possible. if you can help me out, if you have your own band, or are just looking for someone to jam with then drop me a line. you can leave me a message here, send me a private message, or call me at (905) 951-2960. Thank You
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Re: Please help me if you can.

7/15/2001 1:03 PM

Robert Silvia (1575) wrote: