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Muddy Sounds

I just got a Digitech RP100 and I love the thing to death, but when I play it through my amp, it sounds like Im plowing through a thick swamp. My axe is a 2001 ESP Viper 301 with stock pickups. Ive tried turning the bass down, amp level, anything you can think of to try and not make my sound so muddy. Does anyone have any suggestions? Could it be that if I buy better pickups, I will get more clarity and less of a muddy sound? Anyway, any suggestions or experiences with something like this would be appreciated.
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Re: Muddy Sounds

6/27/2001 7:20 PM

Terry Jacobson (1651) wrote:

id go to an excelant site for pickups. what amp you using. terry

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Re: Muddy Sounds

6/27/2001 7:25 PM

Al Brimeyer (142) wrote:

My amp is a Marshall MG50 RCD.

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Re: Muddy Sounds

6/27/2001 7:34 PM

Sean Kelly (1525) wrote:

the rp has an amp or cab simulator, I believe. playing a signal thats been cab or amp simulated into an actual amp makes it sound pretty muddy exactly as you describe. you need to turn those off, also possibly turn off the reverb sounds since they too will get preamplified when they hit the gain stage of the amp, when really you want them added to the signal before the power amp stage. if your amp has a pre/post setting for its effects loop, try setting it to 'post'. I had a sans-amp (cab emulator) pedal that I loved, but it made a lousy distortion pedal for a real amp due to the over-warmed sound. Look in the manual for cabinet emulation, turn off anything related to amp, pickup, or cabinet modeling that you can-- it'll help a lot. basically, you might also want to try the stomp-box emulator from line 6 which does more of what I think you're looking for (versatile multi-effects for amped performing)