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Just a phew things....

Ive been using wholenote for a while and I think its a great site. their are just a couple things i dont like.
I have "alot" of riffs that i could add to wholenote that reqire the 24th fret.
also, I noticed the composer cant handle stuff that is very long, i usually cant get it to playback anything that is more than 22 measures long. some solos i have tabbed out wont play over 14 measures long. Their may be a reason for this that i dont know about.
one more thing, is their a way to show somebody on wholenote something that i have tabbed out without publishing it to a lesson? If not, I think that would be a great feature. :-)

I'm not trying to sound rude or anything, this is the Best guitar site that i have found on the internet. It has helped me a great deal. Thanks alot! :-)
Just a phew suggestions :-)

Bryan M.
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Re: Just a phew things....

6/19/2001 1:48 AM

Maciek Sakrejda (8047) wrote:

This should answer most of your questions... I don't know about the 24th fret, though...


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Re: Just a phew things....

6/19/2001 5:13 PM

Sean Kelly (1525) wrote:

thanks bryan. as the co-author of the (slightly) aging composer module, I'm aware of some of the memory (long things dont playback right) and high fret issues. Hopefully we'll be able to take some time and look into them-- besides just keeping the site running, which is its own bit 'o fun.

I'm looking forward to more of your lessons! We feel as though a piece of music, no matter how small or rough, that you would show to one person is worth making available to all-- thats what keeps the site growing with interesting content. I'd encourage you to use the composer that way if you like but treat your lesson as an 'open letter' to your pal that others can overhear, as it were. Trust me, someone besides your friend somewhere will get a good experience out of it and learn from it, and thats what makes this site mean something (to me anyway)



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Re: Just a phew things....

6/19/2001 6:09 PM

Bryan Morrison (9786) wrote:

hi! I appreciate your feedback and understand it entirely. If you do find the time to update the composer sometime, I would like to be able to have 3 sequences to play at one time. one of them sounding like a keyboard(if thats possible) Im having trouble finding riffs to add that sound good alone. alot of the children of bodom stuff that i am putting on my lessons uses the keyboard as a melody over the guitars. so they dont sound right.

its not apsolutely nessecery since this is a guitar website and not a keyboard website. But it might be interesting for some people to learn keyboard parts on a guitar.
These are just some suggestion for some things i would like to be able to do.
the composer is great and i think it is one of the best features that makes wholenote stand out from the other guitar sites. I just want to help out a little :-)

Bryan M.

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Re: Just a phew things....

6/20/2001 11:03 AM

Chris Pinto (24466) wrote:

Hi y'all,
well I agree, whatever tini-tiny flaws this website may have, which will hopefully get worked out, it's still the BEST guitar-related website to hit the internet! Cheers & kudos to everyone who works on this website, and all the guitarists/musicians who come here everyday! Rock on!