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WA Bruce needs it!!!!!!!!!!!

We need to get together in one room and give our friend Bruce the mike. His talk should start out...
Hello, My name is Bruce and I have a WholeNote problem.

10300 points! When I joined WN I never thought that I would see the day someone would pass our great and knoble King Sung. Bruce has blown the man out of the water.

I'm not dogging you man, hell I love you man, It's just amazing to me that someone passed The King.

Your Bro,
Scootter the "Woody"
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Re: WA Bruce needs it!!!!!!!!!!!

4/29/2001 4:16 PM

Sandra Goodfellow (6568) wrote:

I guess King Chris is very busy with other things these days.


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Re: WA Bruce needs it!!!!!!!!!!!

4/29/2001 4:26 PM

Sean Kelly (1525) wrote:

well, yes and no-- actually, chris is busy lugging servers around in a dark room in mid-town NYC trying to get the site to run faster, since its getting pretty popular these days ;) that just proves there's nothing more important (or consuming) than wholenote ;)

its nice to know that you guys are here to run the fort while he's fiddling with knobs and cd-roms. As a former top ten, I got surpassed sometime about 2 years ago and it really took the need to stay on top out of me (I still havent hit 2000 nor will I ever I suppose). usually we're lurking, even when we're not posting. ;)

What I want to do is take a look at the total number of points we've all made -together- thats what really shows how we're the best community out there, imho.