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Very basic pickup info?

Hi, I own a Fender Stratocaster and I'm still a little confused as to the pickup lever. I realise that adjusting the lever alters the sound due to the different pickup positions, but I am not sure which sound to use when. For example, should the lever be fully down for solos or for chords, or for both? Should I use the central position for a happy medium?
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Re: Very basic pickup info?

1/6/2001 8:27 AM

Inactive Member wrote:

There is no rule. Whatever sounds best should be used.
Generally, the nearer a pickup to the bridge, the brighter its tone, the more bite (might be better for solo), so the pickup selector all the way "down" is a good start.
But each selector position can give you a useful sound for lead and rhythm.

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Re: Very basic pickup info?

1/6/2001 12:58 PM

Tim Floto (6151) wrote:

When I'm doing pure leads I use the bridge pickup (really bright, the high notes really scream) for rock and bluesier stuff. I use the neck or neck plus middle for jazzier stuff (more mellow and seems to bring out the midtones). For rhythm I use middle and middle plus neck pickup. It seems to evens out the sound of a chord from base to high notes. But these are my preferences. Check it out.

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Re: Very basic pickup info?

1/12/2001 7:58 PM

Richard Templeton (136) wrote:

I played on nothing but the bridge pickup for years but lately i've been favouring the neck as i think it is more expresive, easier to produce a greater range of tones dependant on your attack, but hey, whatever sounds good to you is right.