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I guess the site is dead. Some have posted in the last couple days.......but there is no way to reply to their queries. The is also dead.....but the idiot members killed that site. What happened here?

Sad for guitar sites as of late. The only site that still seems to be working is the gear page.
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Re: Sad

12/28/2016 1:57 AM

Bill Dux (1885) wrote:

Walka walka walka walka walk.

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Re: Sad

1/22/2017 8:54 PM

Bryan Morrison (9786) wrote:

I'm curious why this place hasn't revived on its own without the 'old regulars'. There is a whole world of guitar players and nobody has stumbled in here in the last 10 years looking for advice?

This is still a good site. The only thing that it's missing is some kind of collaboration tool... and members.

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Re: Sad

2/5/2017 7:34 PM

Randy Combs (6529) wrote:

Some dork named Marc Johnson killed the site posting pure hate to everyone hwre