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Audio interface or Multitrack Recorder?

Hi all-

I am thinking of switching from my apogee duet + laptop
recording setup to a standalone digital recorder like the tascam

I record mainly voice and acoustic guitar, then I add virtual
instruments and effects in GarageBand or Ableton.

The main reasons for switching to a dedicated recorder would be
... simplicity, I just want to fire it up and hit record without having
to plug in a bunch of cables and devices, start GB, create a new
project and audio tracks etc. Too much overhead and complexity
makes it harder to be creative.

I'm also sick of stuff like latency, digital hiss, software
compatability problems, drivers crashes etc. A standalone MTR is
easier to use, has zero latency and generally higher quality
preamps. If I want I can always export my tracks into Aleton for
arrangement, effects and post production.

On the other hand, I won't be able to record directly into my DAW
- I won't be able to use software instruments and plugins during
the recording process. And I have to deal with transferring tracks
back and forth between MTR and DAW during arranging and

Any thoughts? Thanks again.
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Re: Audio interface or Multitrack Recorder?

11/2/2011 12:35 PM

Rick Kelly (2659) wrote:

I'm looking at getting a dedicated recorder. The prices are much more affordable now, and you can use many of them as a multi-track audio interface into your PC based DAW, or transfer tracks after tracking to mix, edit and process.


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Re: Audio interface or Multitrack Recorder?

11/2/2011 8:32 PM

Matt Wood (2844) wrote:

for me audio interface/laptop all day everyday

I started with a digital multitrack recorder and learnt allot about making music but the few times I've tried to go back after 8 or so years in DAW's it's drove me crazy every time . Just not having the visual interface of a monitor annoys me now

nothing is perfect. its true Mutlitracks are simpler in terms of just working right but I'll take the inital setting up latencies and messing aorund over the lack of a decent interface everytime

I have used Ableton Live for 8 years now,since v3 I think , as well as other daws, and it is fussy in setting up the audio latencies corrently but once its done properly its done

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Re: Audio interface or Multitrack Recorder?

12/9/2011 10:32 PM

Jack Schaeffer (2093) wrote:

Hi, I use a Tascam 2488 MKII it's a 24 track, that you can record 8 track at one time. I write Christian music and do all the parts myself. I also use a Roland GR20 guitar synth for all the other instruments like sax, keys, brass, strings, and many many more neat sounds. I've used as many as 12 tracks on a single song. You may be sorry if you get with only a few tracks as I started with a 4 track and quickly went to an 8 track then my band was recorded with a 2488 and it sounded great so I bought one. A stand alone will give the ability to record a live gig...Jack

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Re: Audio interface or Multitrack Recorder?

2/1/2012 11:57 AM

Ryan Duke (25) wrote:

Keep it as simple as possible. The most direct route you take will
keep the sound cleaner and it's just less hassle. There is a lot of
stuff out there and it's great to have options, but often the more
options the harder it is to make a decision. It doesn't sound like
the standalone would be that much simpler in the long run.

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Re: Audio interface or Multitrack Recorder?

2/1/2012 6:50 PM

Chris Bond II (2841) wrote: