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I was watching an interview with the guys from Genesis a few nights ago, and was quite surprising to hear that when the ABACAB Album came out, that it was extremely un-popular with many European fans. They were constantly being "Boo'ed" at concerts when they played these songs live....and I'm sittin' here watching this interview going "WHAT??? Are you KIDDING????"

I've always thought that it was one of the coolest albums of all time! (Definitely in my Top 50 favorite album list)

Anyway, just thought I'd make a little mention about it.

Songs like ABACAB, Keep it Dark, No Reply At All, Man on the Corner.....


And not to mention.....How many bands do you know of that can write a song about being abducted by ALIENS, and having it sound ABSOLUTELY AWESOME??? (ala "Keep it Dark")

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Re: Genesis

8/24/2011 2:45 AM

Warren Hunt (5730) wrote:

I was at a Genesis concert in Berlin (about 82 or 83)where they were booed. I was thinking 'why would you buy a ticket to see these guys and boo them'.

I dont like all their songs, but Genesis would rate in my top 100 bands.

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Re: Genesis

8/24/2011 4:09 AM

Jim Graham (5168) wrote:

The people booing were fans of older Genesis music. If you listen to Trick of the Tail, or anything they did with Peter Gabriel you'll hear music that is much more complicated and progressive than the simplied pop of Abacab. Jim

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Re: Genesis

8/25/2011 9:37 AM

Randy Hano (12149) wrote:

I can take them or leave them. They have had a song or two that I like but nothing really dominates.

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Re: Genesis

8/25/2011 4:49 PM

Michael Laurance (4040) wrote:

I'm a huge fan of old Genesis, but really hated the later pop stuff. A Trick of the Tail is one of my all time favorite records, along with some of their others from the era, like ...And Then There Were Three. I own ABACAB, but haven't played it all that often. Maybe I'll give it another listen.

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Re: Genesis

8/26/2011 1:03 PM

Randy Hano (12149) wrote:

I don't own any but we used to play them in an old music store I used to work for. I enjoyed Mike and the Mechanics more as Collins voice get irritating after a while. Never really listened to the older stuff as my prog rock interest were more Adrian Belew, UK, Allan Holdsworth and stuff like that.

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Re: Genesis

8/27/2011 12:58 AM

Chris Pinto (24466) wrote:

Agreed....I wasn't big on their real "pop" stuff, either... seems as Genesis has two types of fans. They either like their older music or their newer Music....I guess that can be said for a lot of bands. :)

I can certainly appreciate their old stuff, "Lamb Lies Down", etc etc...and like it! But, "some" of their older material kinda got a bit too boring after listening for too long. Well, maybe boring is too harsh of a word...Maybe monotonous (to my ears)

But, I have to admit, I really liked what Phil Collins did with his first few albums with Genesis. (To a point) Again, I didn't like everything, because they got way too "poppy" & "cheesy" in the 90's.

But, ABACAB album really rocked! And the musicianship was smokin'!

Then, you have songs like

> Just A Job To Do
> Home By The Sea
> Turn It On Again
> Paperlate

They are some incredible tunes (in their own right), and some serious singing by Phil. Really good stuff.