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Poll: Jonny Lang vs. Kenny Wayne Shephard

Young guns...who is the better of the two?

How would you compare them on:

4)Performing Ability

Which of the two is more the "Bluesman"?

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Re: Poll: Jonny Lang vs. Kenny Wayne Shephard

3/23/2000 2:32 PM

Vince Lau (422) wrote:

In skill I would have to say that Kenny takes the trophy big time. (I've seen both numerous times.) That goes for speed and tone as well, but Jonny has a lot more feeling into his music, he isn't just playing the guitar like Kenny is. While Kenny, like Stevie, loved to show off, Jonny just likes to play. They have two very disticnt styles, Kenny leans more into the blues rock while Jonny stays more to the mellow stuff. As a blues man and for passion I would definetly say Jonny. The same goes for song writing, Kenny's songs are still immature and echoing Stevie. They both put on a great show, but while Kenny still is still right dubbed a clone of the greats, Jonny is making a name for himself.

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Re: Poll: Jonny Lang vs. Kenny Wayne Shephard

3/24/2000 12:00 AM

Karen Watts (764) wrote:

These guys get compared a lot, and I love them both, but I don't think we're comparing oranges to oranges here. About the only thing they have in common is that they are young, blond and play music liberally defined as "blues." KWS plays Texas/blues rock and doesn't sing lead vocals. JL spends a good deal of his time singing and therefore, approaches his playing a lot differently.

Kenny Wayne Shepherd is one of my very favorite guitar players, so I would have to choose him in every category. When I see him play live, he has an ability to communicate through his guitar that I don't think anyone can describe accurately with words. I don't think I would be playing guitar (at least electric) if I had never seen Kenny Wayne Shepherd, but I'm sure Jonny has had this same effect on many guitar players. I'm just glad there are two very talented guitar players out there that are playing this type of music.

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Re: Poll: Jonny Lang vs. Kenny Wayne Shephard

3/24/2000 9:56 AM

Dave Yergeau (170) wrote:

Great insight Karen & Vince!

One thing I came away from KWS show with was that he loves to play to the crowd! From the first 10 seconds he was on stage to the last seconds when he was kneeling on the floor (ala Jimi), kissing his strings, he played the crowd, and the crowd loved it!

I look forward to seeing him grow into a great blues man!

Personally, I would love to see him take advantage of his ability to mimic Stevie and Jimi and do 2 cover of SRV's best stuff, and one of Jimi's....never been done before by anybody, and he could pull it off!


Dave ( aka:Doctorstrat )

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Re: Poll: Jonny Lang vs. Kenny Wayne Shephard

8/1/2011 11:41 AM

Jonathan Berndt (4) wrote:

the problem with this culture is originality is hard to come by. KWS is a good mimic but isnt saying anything his mentors havent already said. the only reason he is where he is, is because he could play as a kid and he was a pretty boy. if he spent more time trying to find his own sound rather than trying to master Voodoo Chile note for note then maybe id listen more.
even SRV who covered the same tune (and owned it i might add) played it from the heart and didnt try to clone Jimi. we have all started out trying to emulate our heros, but hopefully moved on and tryed to find our own place.

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Re: Poll: Jonny Lang vs. Kenny Wayne Shephard

8/1/2011 12:11 PM

Chris Bond II (2841) wrote:

KWS is in his mid 30s now. Not exactly a young gun.

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Re: Poll: Jonny Lang vs. Kenny Wayne Shephard

8/1/2011 12:18 PM

Jonathan Berndt (4) wrote:

exactly, thats what makes him even more pathetic to me.
im not saying he cannot play well, im saying would you rather have the real thing or a plastic copy.
its time to move out of your parents basement and find a place of your own now Kenny!

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Re: Poll: Jonny Lang vs. Kenny Wayne Shephard

8/2/2011 5:12 PM

Inactive Member wrote:

Hm, well ... he was 20 when the OP started this poll ;)

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Re: Poll: Jonny Lang vs. Kenny Wayne Shephard

8/4/2011 5:59 AM

Chris Bond II (2841) wrote:

Yo be honest, I dont believe in the virtuoso anymore.

That includes
Steve Vai
Eric Johnson

And most others and heres why

A true virtuoso hones his skills throughout his life. Mozart was a
virtuoso, Fernando Sors was Virtuoso.

Sure, these guys had a great impact on what we see as music,
rock or whatever, and a profound impact on society. But
virtuosos? True ones, not even close.

Charlie parker was a virtuoso, not because he changed music or
how it was played, but because he continued to get better and
everything he did was relevant until the day he died.

EVH on the other hand one could argue peaked at his mid
twenties and did his best work in the era. A one trick pony in my
opinion. He hasnt done a single thing to stretch the boundaries
of music since his young days.

The same w/ KWS, I have fourteen y/o students that can play his
solos note for note.

I doubt you will find many fourteen year old that can play the
complete Hannon exercises (at least not correct) and expand on

True virtuosos dont peak at twenty-five,...unless they die

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Re: Poll: Jonny Lang vs. Kenny Wayne Shephard

8/5/2011 9:49 AM

Randy Hano (12149) wrote:

So true CB, so true!

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Re: Poll: Jonny Lang vs. Kenny Wayne Shephard

8/5/2011 11:01 AM

Rick Kelly (2659) wrote:

Without thinking about it too deep, I would say Chet Atkins was a virtuoso. I consider him the greatest over-all guitarist in my lifetime. I know there are newer guys I'm not aware of, and I've watched some amazing modern performances by Monte Montgomery, and Tony Emmanuel, and other names I don't remember.

But guys like this so far, as amazing and advanced as they are (way beyond anything I'll likely play, ever), seem to have a nitch thing or two they do or excel at. And there is a bit of going for virtuosity for the sake of virtuosity, which someone like Chet didn't do, he just played the music with a joy and brilliance, consistently over a lifetime, over many styles and genre, acoustic or electric, that I find unmatched.

He's not necessarily my favorite guitar player to listen to. At their best, SRV and Beck (Beck, Jeff Beck, the real Beck, accept not substitutes) would fall into that category for me.

Of course that's without going down the classical guitar purist route. Segovia supposedly stated there was no such thing as an electric guitar, heh. If he and Paganini were still around playing multiple styles maybe they would give Chet a good challenge in my mind.

Ok, enough rambling from me. Just my opinion, worth what you paid for it.


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