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BYOC - Tremolo Pedal Build

BYOC had a sale last month where you buy 3 and get one free. There wasn't really anything I wanted but there are one or two items that I would be interested in. After weighing the options, I only found one pedal that I considered so I ordered and purchased it. Being that I play multiple styles this is the one pedal that I would need on occasions but could live without. Since I love to build things, I gave this one a whirl as I am handy with a soldering iron. The other thing of note is that this will go great on my blues pedalboard build.

Here are my build pics and issues I encountered with the build

BYOC - Box Full of Parts

The Kit

Parts All Laid Out

Bottom Side Assembled

Top Side Assembled

Everything Just Needs To Be Wired Up

Metalcast Automotive Paint

4 Coats of Paint

24 Hours Later

All Wired Up - Tremolo Build Done

Ready For Full Assembly

Pedal All Closed Up

Pedal On - Notice LED is now blue. In the earlier pics, the LED was Red.

Here are some notes after the completion of my build. Please note that I ran into a couple of problems along the way.

1) Found the LED dim when the effect was switched off. :confused:

After reading the BYOC forums, I found that I had reversed the AC jack positive leads. These leads provide battery power when the AC adaptor isnt used. With the leads reversed, the cap isnt able to discharge leaving the low light glow. This problem also led to the tremolos difficult starting as the multivibrator circuitry could not be triggered properly. Once the leads were switched, all was good in Saints world.

2) DC Jack sticks out to far. :mad:

I will replace with one from a local electronics house.

3) Case has been redesigned was redesigned by BYOC. :annoyed:

The input/output and power jacks are at the top of the unit instead of on the left and right side which I favor. From my readings, a volume control added. I will give it a roll for a bit as I am too cheap to replace the case right now. The original BYOC Tremolo pedal didnt have a volume control but a pot from withing is what I understand. I may do that too as a future mod as I just want the effect level to be equal to the bypassed level.

4) Getting nit picky but I wished that the unit came with multicolored wires to differentiate power leads and input/output leads. :rolleyes:

Build Experience
Overall it was great. It took me about 1.5 hours to assemble and solder all the components to the well laid out PC board. When I had to troubleshoot the dim LED, I actually found that I had reversed one of the electrolytic caps but working with 9VDC source and the cap having 63Volt upper limit, it is slim to none that I will blow that baby.

I have some new paint to redo the case so clips are not available yet. I like the sound of the Trem and will do a video of it after completion of the the repainted pedal.
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Re: BYOC - Tremolo Pedal Build

7/10/2011 5:22 PM

Rick Kelly (2659) wrote:

Hey Randy thanks for posting this. I've been thinking of building a tremolo and reverb pedal from them.


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Re: BYOC - Tremolo Pedal Build

7/11/2011 10:15 AM

Randy Hano (12149) wrote:

No problem bro! I considered the reverb too but I already have an Hermida which I love. The reverb build will be easy for ya bro after the 3 to 4 amps that you built. There is a forum too connected with BYOC that has some neat stuff that people have discussed.

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Re: BYOC - Tremolo Pedal Build

7/11/2011 10:51 AM

Rick Kelly (2659) wrote:

The Princeton Reverb clone I built has tremolo and reverb of course, but my lil' orange Rockenstein amp doesn't, and it's a little lighter to carry and gets crunchier at lower volumes, so a couple of pedals should go great with it.

If I do build the trem and verb pedals I'm thinking of mounting them together in a larger box.


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Re: BYOC - Tremolo Pedal Build

7/11/2011 8:20 PM

Warren Hunt (5730) wrote:

Looks good bro. I like the colour you did. Can't wait for sound clips.