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Small Modelling/Effects Amp (15W) recommendations

Driven by that time of year, I'm looking for a small (15W) amplifier for my son, who plays electric guitar (a cheap Strat copy) on a casual basis (currently through a toy practice amp). I would like to find something that would suit and hopefully inspire a wide variety of different musical styles, rather than trying to nail a particular genre or sound.

I have been considering the following amps:-
- Line 6 Spider IV 15W
- Peavey Vypyr 15W
- Vox VT15

Any experiences with using these amps, or other recommendations would be very much appreciated.

Cheers - Rick.
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Re: Small Modelling/Effects Amp (15W) recommendations

12/15/2009 1:46 PM

Randy Hano (12149) wrote:


I got my son a Marshall Mini Stack.

As he grows into using it, he will learn to adjust the preamp and post amp volumes to get different sounds and tones. It only comes with reverb but what else do you need? I am a firm believer that basics are the way to go as many players over color their sound. In time and small acquisitions over time, the player (your son) will develop their own taste in effects. After all they need to learn to play before all the tricks come out.

This newer one has more bells and whisle than my sons one had.

Good Luck Bro!

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Re: Small Modelling/Effects Amp (15W) recommendations

12/15/2009 5:45 PM

Inactive Member wrote:

Hmmm... I think I'm going to lead off the topic for now, because I have no experience with the Vypyr so I already lean towards the Line 6 side... So I hope someone here has one so we can get both opinions!!! But, anyways, I sorta agree with Michael... The Line 6 does seem to me now more of a time investment... Tweaking with all of the settings, programming your sounds, adjusting everything... finding where you like your effects, if at all... and of course finding a spot somewhere where you don't have static... 0.o

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Re: Small Modelling/Effects Amp (15W) recommendations

12/15/2009 7:26 PM

Edd Robins (6260) wrote:

I have 3 modelling amps...a Vox AD30VT, Vox DA5, and a Roland Microcube, the latter two having DC capabilities which makes them great for camping trips, festivals, etc. The Roland has the best tone, no doubt. But each has it's own voices, and I can't say that one is BETTER than the other. I'd check out the Rolands, though, if I were you.

Have played Line 6 better no worse than the others imo, just different.

Haven't played the little Peavey...

Much luck to your boy, hope he stays with it.


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Re: Small Modelling/Effects Amp (15W) recommendations

12/16/2009 3:59 PM

Warren Hunt (5730) wrote:

Rick, I have a Fender Blues Junior that I use for teaching and used for playing small gigs. Its a tube amp and can be really loud when you crank it. The only thing is its a heavy amp, but mine has survived many falls and much abuse.

I also has a Peavey 15w solid state that was very good.

I dont go for the modelling type amps as I'm pretty stuck in my ways I suppose and dont like their sound.

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Re: Small Modelling/Effects Amp (15W) recommendations

12/27/2009 8:50 AM

Rick Payman (10061) wrote:

Many thanks for your responses, guys.

In the end, I defaulted and got none of the above; I bought the Roland Micro Cube which I think is a great bit of kit for it's size.

We can hopefully now look forward to choosing a larger amplifier together in the New Year (without the associated pressure from the wife!).

Season Greetings,

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