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Anybody know details of how pickups are designed?

I'm curious if it is identical all the way across
the pickup, or if certain areas on the pickup are
designed for the specific string that is going to
be over it.

The reason I ask, is because of my left-handed
guitar. Yes, you could keep the pickup in the
exact same orientation and not worry about it. But
my pickups where installed so that the writing on
them are readable with the body on the floor (with
the headstock up). If they where installed the way
that they where suppose to be(same orientation as
right-handed), then the writing would be upside

So, they are in fact, installed upside down. Many
of the little metal studs that stick up in the
pickups are at different heights which indicate to
me that they are specific to each string. Is this
affecting my tone or sustain?

Or perhaps the pickups where actually designed to
be in a left-handed guitar? There is no way to
know as far as I can tell. Maybe there is a model
number on them that indicates if it is a normal
batch or specific for left handed?

(:-:-)----/ \----(-:-:)

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Re: Anybody know details of how pickups are designed?

12/2/2009 2:55 PM

Dale Lindsey (8281) wrote:


Are the studs higher in the center of the neck to make up for any neck curvature or more or less random? Are the studs adjustable? If so, you could certainly experiment with setting some closer or farther from the strings to see what effect it has on your tone. If not, the only thing you can do is tilt the pickup one way or another with the adjustments on the side. I don't know if the windings are different from one side to another. If so, it might even vary from one manufacturer to another. It may be a question only the manufacturer can answer. Of course, you can always try to swap them around if you are brave. :)


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Re: Anybody know details of how pickups are designed?

12/2/2009 5:03 PM

Randy Hano (12149) wrote:

After reading the email trail Bryan, you maybe in dilemma.

1) Jackson guitars has several pickup lines. The first one was the cheap Jackson pickup. The second was a Duncan designed and the last one is a Seymour Duncan.

2) See if you can rotate the pickup around. If you can't, you will need to replace them so the pole pieces are calibrated. The pickups in the picture represent a right handed pickup. Your single coils are fixed in the height and the pole pieces are calibrated.

3) Worst case scenario will be for you to buy your pickup directly from Duncan so that they work for left handed guitar.

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Re: Anybody know details of how pickups are designed?

12/2/2009 8:51 PM

Jeremy Ledford (14379) wrote:

it does matter, but only on some pickups. top to bottom,E to E, i wouldn't worry so much about as the coils themselves, bridge side or neck side of pickup. if one is stronger than the other, or wound differently, can sound different if orientation is changed.


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