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Who's your Favorite guitar player?

Hey everyone whats up?My topic is an ever ending discussion about guitar players we tried to play like.Ok whats your favorite or greatest guitar player?For me is guys like: Jimi Henderix(Of course) with him and other there wouldnt be the rock that have now these days.OK next is jimmy Page,Eric Clapton,Jeff Beck,Pete Townsend,Eddie Van Halen,Y.Malmsteen,Micheal A.Batio and All blues guitarist like B.B.King.I forgot Dimebag,
but he's on my next list of gunslingers.
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Re: Who's your Favorite guitar player?

11/11/2009 3:34 PM

Daniel Bennett (3) wrote:

"Greatest" is way too subjective of a title; is greatness based
on being able to play faster than the speed of light like
Yngwie or Michael Batio, on phrasing and melody a la
Santana, influence (Hendrix, Page), ability to improvise
(perhaps a Derek Trucks or Jimmy Herring) or some mixture?
As far as the "greatest" goes, my vote is tied between Al di
Meola and Steve Vai. Great tones, techniques, and phrasing.

That said, if I'm asked who my favorite guitarist is, I'll answer
Carlos Santana without hesitation. There are folks who do any
number of things "better" than Santana, but his tone,
phrasing, and versatility make him my personal fav.

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Re: Who's your Favorite guitar player?

11/11/2009 10:17 PM

Charles Ross, Jr (538) wrote:

yeah thats an good choice ;)

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Re: Who's your Favorite guitar player?

11/12/2009 3:25 AM

Randy Combs (6529) wrote:

Roy Buchanan, David Gilmour, Chet Atkins, Eric
Johnson, Warren Haynes, Billy Gibbons, Stevie Ray
Vaughan and Bill Frisell.

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