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End of an era

For the first time in I don't know how long (I really don't - I click on my messages and it says "No such member exists") Wholenote is not my home page. It just seems like nothing is happening here anymore. This was once my favorite place on the web. Times move on. Still it is kind of sad. The end of an era.
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Re: End of an era

7/27/2009 1:52 PM

David Eddy (2100) wrote:

I used to spend a lot of time on this site, mostly from 02-05. I quit logging on and participating in discussions because of the irascible personalities. It felt like too many members came here with the intentions of starting an argument. A good example is Nick Scratch's comment regarding Chris Bonds' post. There was no reason to be pedantic and point out typos.

Of course, no one wants to leave such comments alone either, which would probably be the best thing. Instead of a site about guitar playing, for me, wholenote became an endless clash of egos. It always turned into "I'm a better guitar player than you, and I'll prove it by talking about it."

I always felt that a huge problem with this site was that instead of helping each other, we spent more time, especially on the forums, at each others throats.

However, Ken Richardson made a great point. There are lots of great lessons on here. I've come back from time to time, usually without bothering to sign in, to view some of the great lessons. For that reason, the site is still a great resource.

I really like Bryan Morrison's ideas. That would really invigorate this site. I'd come back for that. I'd also pay a small yearly fee for it. I spend a lot of time at the Fenderforum now, where the members seldom, if ever, argue and are very respectful of each other. Anyway, at the Fenderforum, the host asks for a small donation ($15) from the members every year. And that site doesn't have near the features of this one.

It's just something to think about. That might keep some of the people who are looking for a fight at bay.

If someone did create a site with the features Bryan mentioned, we should all look into it.

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Re: End of an era

7/27/2009 4:20 PM

Nick Scratch (438) wrote:

David, I was just curious as to why someone who had
so much to the site would be banned. After seeing several of his
responses, I have a better idea of what the problem was.
Unlike Chris, I have no animosity towards this site or any of it's
members. He appears to have a desire to see the site fail and
made comments about how he thinks it no longer serves a
purpose. His
condescending tone in his responses to some members is
sophomoric. His tendency to anger so quickly, not only at me,
but with anyone who questions what he says as being anything
other than fact, seems to be predictable.
The fact that he would call me an a------ for asking him to
explain was childish. That he would also misspell a------ was
merely ironic.
I didn't come here looking for a fight, but I shouldn't have to
stand idly by while being reviled by some internet bully.
I agree with your thoughts and suggestions about this site and
hope that it can continue to survive and grow.

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Re: End of an era

7/28/2009 4:34 AM

Craig Lindsey (5518) wrote:

Hey Bro'
Usually people get kicked off here for their attitude....not their spelling, or the missing of it, or their playing ability.
Sure yada yada it has slowed way down. The entire web can bite me, frankly.
I get on here a couple times a yr to make sure old friends are still kickin'.......Edd.
Love you guys. You too Chris.

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Re: End of an era

7/28/2009 7:21 AM

Edd Robins (6260) wrote:

Hey bro C,
Yep, I'm still a kickin', and I'm glad to see that you are too.

We made some good friends on this site, didn't we?

Catcha later, bro, I still got yer phone #.


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Re: End of an era

8/1/2009 12:35 AM

Jeremy Cotton (7938) wrote:

Most people probably won't remember me- I was real active way back in the early days (1997-ish)- I've got posts and lessons on here more then 10 years old now. As the site got more and more popular there seemed to be a lot more silly arguments and flame wars, so I decided to quit actively participating, but I still check around every once in a while. I'm glad its still here and hope someone gets something useful from it.


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Re: End of an era?

7/31/2009 11:06 PM

Rik Eischen (960) wrote:

I certainly hope this is not the end of an era. Or at least that a new era of WholeNote will emerge.

Here in the States, the economy is bad, and I just joined the ranks of unemployed when I got layed off last week. At the same time, my wife got a cut in pay, that gets worse and worse.

At these troubling times, there is a place for music, to get peoples minds off difficult situations for a break from the tragedies in life. And what is music without guitar?

Kids these days have the idea that they can learn anything (including musical instruments) in less than an hour. When it doesn't happen, they often give up. Thankfully, my guitar student has hung in there, and is getting better week after week.

WholeNote can reach new people. It can inspire a whole new group of musicians who would love to learn from people who have "been there." I, for one, remain optimistic.

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Re: End of an era?

8/1/2009 6:12 PM

Paul Cheeseman (2105) wrote:

I too hope that the site doesn't dissapear... i still drop by from
time to time to keep up with other members but for me since
Charles Gascii passed on, the site has missed a lot of magic.
Charles would help anyone with anything and I can't remember
him ever flaming anyone for their stupidity. I stopped entering
into any discussions here years back as almost everytime I would say
something someone would flame me... and always over there difference
of opinion.
in my humble opinion
the flaming has ruined this site.. all the silly little arguments
over nothing. we are all different and we all approach the
instrument from a different perspective. that's is why the guitar
is such a personal instrument.. and there are so many different
ways at playing it... for me I love everything about the guitar
and i am hoping that this site keeps on going as there are a lot
of good resources here that have been painstakingly put up here
for free and all the author was intending, was to share their
ideas and try to help us make ourselves better guitar players.. i
got a lot personally from Charles Gascii and also Chris Bond..
both very different in there approach and both with a common
goal to help us become better guitar players..that is the beauty
of this site as it has lots of members with lots of knowledge to share.
if this site fails
where does a guitar player go? to sites that are the idea of 1
person? i'd rather the collective approach as no 1 person on
this planet can say that they know it all and there way is the only
way to play the guitar! let's learn from each other.
paul cheeseman

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Re: End of an era?

8/2/2009 1:36 PM

Edd Robins (6260) wrote:

It was pretty much the flamers and bullshitters that got me outta the WN habit. And some folks I knew here moved on, too...

I saved a few PM's that Charles sent me, just so's I'd have 'em. By the way, his last name is spelled "Gacsi", with the "c" before the "s"...seems like I always got it wrong, too.

Survival of the site depends on yer definition of survival. It'll be here, I guess. But it'll take more than 2 or 3 threads a week to get anybody interested enough to log in tomake it survive my definition of survival.

Lots of great gittar sites on the web, and soundclick is a kinda fun site, too. Personally, I don't think the newcomers to this site will stay very long...a lot of 'em are members of other sites, and this one is too f'n dull in comparison to keep 'em coming back. I can't remember the last time I've heard a collab with WN members, for instance.


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Re: End of an era

8/3/2009 9:27 AM

Dale Lindsey (8281) wrote:

I agree that the site still has value as a resource. This post was more of a personal nature. It is a personal milestone for me to change my homepage after so many years.

Wholenote was once a social center where I met many interesting people and made many friends. That's why it was my homepage. It is still a resource for lessons and such, but I don't need it to be my homepage for that, all I need is a link.

It is nice to see, however, that this post has brought a lot of old members out to comment. It is nice to know that some of you are still out there.

There are still others that I miss hearing from. It was nice to get a diverse set of opinions from people all over the world on a broad range of subjects. That wasn't what I came here for originally - I just wanted to pick up a guitar again and learn some new things - but that was what I found.

It was nice that this thread got so much response, even though there was some bickering. That happens sometimes in human interactions. I sometimes miss even that.


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Re: End of an era

8/3/2009 10:28 AM

Randy Hano (12149) wrote:

Hey Dale, I believe past visitors and contributors will always come back and visit. I myself disappeared for 2-3 years when the site was hot - I was just busy. For me, I still post and hang 'cause the site to me is great and simple. I have visited other sites and yes they have the modern formats (etc.) but what is missing is the warmth that WN always had. Like you mentioned and/or others have mentioned before, the flammers have caused chaos but that is common among all sites.

I believe it can be a social center again as old timers still visit. It has already been agreed that the site needs to be updated but visitors alike are still revisiting their roots. Friends like Charles Gacsi are well missed especially for his numerous contributions like many others. I still believe though is that a lot of it was that we all had a common interest that differs from other sites. I don't know what others who are short lived here are looking for. It could be simply commonality among music styles. With WN being one of the early online guitar sites, everyone migrated. As users became disgruntled, they left to start there own community and took their contributions somewhere else.

I still enjoy coming here daily. Sure attendance may not be the same as before. But when you look at the membership and active members for the day, it still shows 30-40 people which is great considering. Not alot of activity of the boards but as people contribute, it can improve.

Yes facebook, myspace and others have taken away visitors but I still comeback. Myspace is for my music community and communications with other musicians. Facebook has allowed me to revisit old school friends that haven't spoken to in decades. Meanwhile WN has given me the guitar community that I still enjoy!

Just my two and half cents.

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Re: End of an era

8/4/2009 9:37 AM

Ken Richardson (9051) wrote:

I come back to this site for the depth of info, and the variety of info. Its pretty simple to navigate and its not just a site that is set up to sell a study method or instruments - there are lots of sites that are just set up to sell you things and make a quick buck.

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